Friday, January 27, 2012

"Body to the Purifying Flame" Released...

My book "Body to the Purifying Flame: A history of the Missouri Crematory, St. Louis, Missouri" has been released!

You can purchase your copy by following this link: Enter the code 4JLJ6BEH and you'll receive a 15% discount!

In the late 1870's a group of forward-thinking St. Louisans began gathering to discuss the idea of constructing a building and apparatus to perform Cremations in their city. These friends of Cremation organized into what would become the Missouri Crematory Association, which was incorporated in 1885. The Missouri Crematory was completed in 1888 and was the tenth modern Crematory in the United States. The beautiful Romanesque structure still stands today with its imposing presence. Its rich history, unique architecture and unmistakable place in the history of the city of St. Louis have made this enigmatic structure a monument to those who have been entrusted to its care, and to the Cremation movement in the Midwest.
~ Jason