Friday, September 20, 2013

Did you know? Dr. Hugo Erichsen

In addition to being the founder of the Cremation Association of America, and history’s most ardent supporter of cremation, Hugo Erichsen was also a neurologist. He was the author of several nationally published books on various subjects in English and German, he contributed to countless magazines and journals, was a photographer, and a master gardener. His estate in Birmingham, Michigan, the Villa Inglese, was a featured residence in the area and was known for its beautiful gardens.

A lifelong Cremationist in heart and soul, Hugo Erichsen fulfilled his advocacy and belief in Cremation upon his death on October 10, 1944. His remains were cremated on October 14, 1944, following funeral services in the Woodmere-Detroit Crematorium and his cremated remains were inurned in the Chapel Columbarium.

For more information on the good doctor, see my post from February, 2013.

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