Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The US Cremation Company

The first cremation company organized in the U.S. was the United States Cremation Company, incorporated in 1876, with a capital stock of $35,000. The US Cremation Co. was the most successful of the early cremation societies and operates the oldest continuously operating crematory in the country.

In 1884, the company purchased a plot of ground near Fresh Pond on Long Island in New York. Work began on the construction of the building and by 1885, the facility was completed and ready for use. The first cremation took place on December 4, 1885.

Today, the historic facility is operated as the Fresh Pond Crematory & Columbarium.

The Crematory as it appeared after completion in 1885.
(photo courtesy of J.P. DiTroia, US Crem. Co.)

The Crematory as it appeared in 1896, after the completion
of the columbarium rotunda.
(photo from author's collection)

The Crematory and grounds in 1910
(photo from author's collection)

The Fresh Pond Crematory as it has been since 1941.
(photo from author's collection)

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