Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Cremationist's Perspective

The Cremationist’s Perspective on the importance of the permanent memorial:
“To those of us to whom the parting has come, there is great consolation in inurnment. It lends itself to the most beautiful ceremony. The knowledge that there has been provided a resting place for the cremated remains that can never be disturbed, gives a feeling of permanence and security. In its niche (resting place), the urn holding the snow-white fragments of the earthly garment, which for a time clothed the soul of the loved one, is safe from the elements.
“The niche (resting place) becomes a shrine where we may go when oppressed and weary with the stress of life, and gain a sense of nearness to those who have gone on before. We feel somehow that all is well with them, and we come away with the firm conviction that we shall see them again. And the burdens of life are easier to bear for the little visit.”
from “Why Cremation”
by the Cremation Association of America

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